Luke Jacobson’s interest in films began sometime around 1997, when he first saw “Jurassic Park” on VHS. Inspired, he recreated all of the best bits of the film in stop-motion animation utilizing only his considerable Lego collection and his mother’s clunky video camera.


Having graduated from the University of Southern California with a major in Animation in 2015, Luke Jacobson has learned plenty about responsibility, the importance of maintaining quality in his work, and the fact that there is no substitute for an unshakable work-ethic. Still, his education is far from done, and he'll always be ready to learn something new.


His hobbies include reading and rereading books and stories, drawing and redrawing caricatures and doodles, watching and rewatching films and TV shows, and sleeping. He has unsuccessfully tried out for the USC improv troupe “Spoiler Alert” no less than five times. He owns his own moped scooter, which he uses to steadily explore the greater LA area. He has one younger brother.


His art blog (and film critiques) can be found at regardethe.tumblr.com/